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"Empowering former inmates to become independent, responsible and productive citizens."










TWIS Services organization aims to provide comprehensive, complete transitional services to former inmates. 

Our team works to educate former inmates through our motivational seminars, mentorship program, basic skills educational program and computer training. These services equip our participants with practical, real-world skills to assist them to re-enter the work force successfully.  


We also provide small group sessions and counseling to meet their emotional,  psychological, spiritual and technological needs. Our highly-trained, caring, dedicated and experienced 

staff will help participants navigate their way towards reintegration into society. Spiritual care and Biblical principles are interwoven throughout all aspects of TWIS Services. The need of a healthy spiritual life is emphasized through Sunday Worship Services and Bible Studies. We are confident that this holistic approach will transform ex-offenders by turning their weakness into strengths. 


A Nonprofit, Faith-Based Corporation

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