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Dr. Barbara Z. Dawson

Founder & TWIS President

Reverend Fannie Davis

Mr. Edward Clausell

Ms. Jessie Dunun

Mrs. Teri Zanders


The TWIS Services Directors are very knowledgeable, skillful, and experienced leaders. The Board consists of a retired educator/administrator, retired engineer, a senior financial accountant, and an insurance professional. Three of the TWIS Directors have served in top leadership positions in other non-profit organizations.


The TWIS Services Founder has written a How-to-Booklet: Wise Words for Successful Living, especially for ex-offenders. She possesses a Certificate of Registration from the Register of Copyrights, United States of America. The booklet will serve as a self-improvement guide for former inmates.


In conclusion, the TWIS Services Board consists of excellent, strong, caring, and positive-thinking leaders who are capable of providing the kind of direction that is needed for a successful corporation.




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